Nifectl Quickstart

Learn Nife in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started#

Download Nifectl CLI from the release link

Signup and Login#

  1. Signup using the auth command
nifectl auth signup

This will open a browser to register.

  1. Login
nifectl auth login --email [email protected] --password yourpassword

Replace [email protected] with the registered email id Replace your password with the registered password

Initialise Application#

Initialise a using the init command:

nifectl init
? App Name (leave blank to use an auto-generated name) sample-now
? Select organization: NIFE-APPS (nife-apps)
? Select builder: Image
(Use a public Docker image)
? Select Image: nife123/node-hello:latest
? Select Internal Port: 4000
New app created
Name = sample-now
Organization = nife-apps
Version = 0
Status = New
Hostname = <empty>

Feed in the information select port, name of the application

Now Deploy the application#

Run the development server:

nifectl deploy

Your deployed site starts at the default location.

Scale the application#

Now play around the command line or deploy to multiple regions

nifectl region

IND(Mumbai), EUR(London), EUR-3(Paris), USA(Ohio) and SA(Chile) are location available now