Builders and Build Options on Nife

Build and Deployment Options are essential to deploy an Application A builders help creating a deployable image.

There are three kinds of builders - dockerfile, buildpacks, and image.


The default builder is the dockerfile builder, invoked when there is a dockerfile, and no specific build option is selected. The default builder looks for a Dockerfile in the current directory and uses that to construct the deployable image. It is similar to a simple docker deploy option!


Buildpacks are bundled into a "builder" stack with an operating system and can be called upon to build an app. Standardized with Cloud Native Buildpacks, Heroku has popularized this idea. Buildpacks use several tests to detect if an application can be built and create an image. Standardized libraries for buildpacks for Nife are available from Paketo Buildpacks and Heroku's Heroku18 buildpack.


If a Docker image is already present, then you can use the docker image option and directly upload from the repository.