_nifectl list apps_

Lists all your apps


The list apps command lists all your applications. As this may be a long list, there are options to filter the results.

Specifying a text string as a parameter will only return applications where the application name contains the text.

The --orgs/-o flag allows you to specify the name of an organization that the application must be owned by. (see list orgs for organization names).

The --status/-s flag allows you to specify status applications should be at to be returned in the results. e.g. -s running would only return running applications.


nifectl list apps [text] [-o org] [-s status] [flags]


-e, --exact Show exact times
-h, --help help for apps
-o, --org string Show only apps in this organisation
--sort string Sort by name, created (default "name")
-s, --status string Show only apps with this status

Global Options#

-t, --access-token string Nife API Access Token
-j, --json json output

See Also#