Nife CLI Quickstart


nifectl is a command line interface to the platform.

It allows users to manage authentication, application initialization, deployment, network configuration, logging and more with just the one command.

Initialize an App with the init command Deploy an App with the deploy command View a Deployed web application with the open command Check the status of an application with the status command

To read more, use the docs command to view Nife's help on the web.


nifectl [command] [flags]

Available Commands#

  • apps - Manage Apps
  • auth - Manage authentication
  • config - Manage an Apps configuration
  • deploy - Deploy an App to the Nife platform
  • destroy - Permanently destroys an App
  • docs - View Nife documentation
  • init - Initialize a new application
  • list - Lists your Nife resources
  • move - Move an App to another organization
  • open - Open browser to current deployed application
  • orgs - Commands for managing Nife organizations
  • regions - Manage regions
  • releases - List App releases
  • resume - Resume an application
  • suspend - Suspend an application
  • version - Show version information for the nifectl command


-t, --access-token string Nife API Access Token
-h, --help help for nifectl
-j, --json json output
-v, --verbose verbose output