Nodejs Applications

Understanding Configuration and Deployments of Node Applications

To begin with we are using Multiplayer Snake Game

  1. Ensure that you clone the git repo on the local machine
Git clone
  1. Login to nifectl using nifectl auth command
  1. Configure a new application using nifectl init

run command

nifectl init
App Name (leave blank to use an auto-generated name): node
Select Organization:"NiFE-APPS"
> NIFE-APPS (nife-apps)
Select Builder: "node"
(Do not set a builder)
(Use a public Docker image)
Deno builtin
Go Builtin
Hugo static build with web server builtin
Nodejs builtin
Python builtin
Ruby builtin
Select Internal Port: 3000
Select External Port: 80
  1. Now, just deploy the application using nifectl deploy

Once the deployment starts, you will see a list of commands building the docker container and then this will deploy to a location (default location : IND(Mumbai))

  1. Access the deployed application using the URL created, in this case

  1. Extend to other regions

Use nifectl regions to add new regions

nifectl regions add EUR